Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017 RD 11: Wei Scores Against Karjakin.

January 30, 2017

Round eleven of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017, was played on January 27th. It saw American Grandmaster, Wesley So, maintain his lead following a draw with Russian Grandmaster Dmitry Andreikin. It was a very comfortable game for both players and was mostly theory in a Berlin Defence. Basically, Andreikin, who was White, just didn’t want […check it out!]

Tata Steel Chess Tournament: So Extends Lead in Round 10

January 26, 2017

Wesley So is leading the Tata Steel Chess Tournament Masters group at the last rest day of the competition. So beat Radoslaw Wojtaszek in round ten, to extend his lead to a whole point over his nearest rivals — Aronian, Carlsen, Karjakin, Eljanov and Wei. Other victories in round ten went […check it out!]

Tata Steel Chess Tournament RD9: Carlsen Sole Winner

January 25, 2017

Round 9 of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, played on Tuesday 25th January, saw Magnus Carlsen defeat Dutch Grandmaster Loek van Wely in the only decisive game of the round. After a couple of very tough rounds, the World Champion did exactly what he needed to, (if he wanted to […check it out!]

Tradewise Gibraltar Chess 2017 Gets Underway

January 24, 2017

The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival is underway in Gibraltar and will run until February 2nd. The main event is the Gibraltar Masters, round one of which will be played today, Tuesday 24th January. It is a ten round Swiss format, with play-offs if needed. As well as the Masters event, […check it out!]

Carlsen Humbled in Tata Steel Chess Tournament Round 8

January 23, 2017

As if the previous round was not dramatic enough with its blunders and misses, this round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament would stun spectators and players alike. It would see World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, defeated by Richard Rapport in their first ever game. With no disrespect to Rapport, this […check it out!]

Blunders and Oversights in Tata Steel Round 7

January 23, 2017

When watching top events, such as Wijk aan Zee, we chess fans are so accustomed to seeing top quality chess, full of finesses and brilliancies, that when we see the opposite, it can be quite the shock to the system. However, in round seven of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, […check it out!]

Eljanov Leads Tata Steel Masters After 4 Rounds

January 18, 2017

Round 4 of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017, on January 17th, would be the final round before the first rest day. One never really knows what to expect in such instances, it is possible that the players will make extra effort to score due to having a day off […check it out!]

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