An Introduction to Hot Off The Chess

Thank you for your interest in Hot Off The Chess — welcome! The website launched in January 2016, (indeed, a bit of a newbie), occupying its little corner of the web, here at


Hot Off The Chess (or it’s pet-name, ‘HOTCH’) is founded and edited by me, John Lee Shaw. I love everything chess! Playing and following this great game has been a passion of mine for over a quarter of a century. As can often be seen in my writing, I enjoy deep analysis of games and the psychology of competition.

I started HOTCH as a longterm project, beginning at ground level, with the wish to build it up into something that you, dear reader, will find reliable and rewarding. HOTCH is not a commercial project, it is done through a love of chess, because I just enjoy writing about the game and am searching out fellow enthusiasts. It is my wish to provide as much coverage as I can, and I look forward to working very hard to this end. Hopefully, as we go, the site will feature on your list of regular chess stops.

Mission Statement

1). to provide a quality and reliable chess news and media service for all chess players, and enthusiasts.

2). to promote and encourage chess at all levels.


It is my intention to also provide audio/visual media, (commentated games and the like), but there is some investment required for this and circumstances require me to concentrate on written material at the moment. Please bear with me, and I will be adding the media side of the site when it is possible.

Free For All

Hot Off The Chess is committed to being a free service. The news that is provided, as well as the vast majority of our media, (when it arrives), will be available to visitors at no cost. This will not change in any form, ever — that you enjoy the site and get something out of it is reward enough for me. This will not change in any form, ever, though some extra premium features may be added at a later date.

Are you a tournament organiser? Are you connected with scholastic chess?

I would love to be able to give scholastic chess and amateur tournaments more coverage, but the time it takes in order to source and compile good and accurate information is rather prohibitive. If you are a tournament organiser, or are connected to scholastic chess –or, indeed, have any event or item you believe to be of interest– pleased do not hesitate to let me know. My thanks in advance!